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Itty & Bitty Coloring Book
  • Itty & Bitty Coloring Book
  • Itty & Bitty Coloring Book
  • Itty & Bitty Coloring Book
  • Itty & Bitty Coloring Book

Itty & Bitty Coloring Book



Itty and Bitty are pleased to announce the debut of their newest publication, a coloring book entitled, Itty & Bitty Visit America’s Parks. Join them on their travels to some of America’s most famous state and national parks, and color along as they explore the sites and get into some itty bitty trouble along the way.

See Itty get too close to a cactus in Saguaro Park in Arizona (OUCH!) or watch Bitty try to pull a dog sled team in a park in Alaska. Sweat along with our little pair as they carve their heads alongside the Presidents at Mount Rushmore.

As always, Itty, the fussy palomino of the duo, is dressed for every occasion, while Bitty, the messy mini, only cares that he has his peppermints in his travel sack. Guess who brings along hair products and showers under a waterfall at Yosemite? NOT BITTY! And who gets turned ‘round and ‘round while trying to kayak in a river in the Adirondacks? NOT ITTY!

Grab your crayons and join the fun. Laugh and learn, as we show you which animals Itty & Bitty meet in each park. Discover which state is home for each of the parks they visit. On the “Fun Facts” page, test your skills with some itty bitty questions. And don’t forget to find the rabbits hidden throughout the book!

Author: Nancy K. Carpenter
Illustrator: Rose Mary Berlin
pp. 24


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