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Unicorn Sightings in Buffalo, New York

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Carolyn & her unicorn Star LilyMagical creatures are appearing in downtown Buffalo, New York!

Two sisters sent in photos of their magical unicorns, and they are proof that these legendary creatures can only be tamed by young maidens. Let's meet these two young girls and their special friends.


Annika & her big unicorn Tweeds

Here we have Annika astride her VERY LARGE UNICORN named “Tweeds.”  Like most unicorns, Tweeds is white, but he has a smattering of beautiful rainbow colored stars on his backside, and a pink mane, tail, and horn (called an alicorn), adorned with silver swirls! He’s so big she can jump on his back and fly away on magical journeys around the house. Those pink hooves can take them where ever Annika's imagination leads them.

Big sister Carolyn has the smallest unicorn that arrived at her house on Christmas Day. This beautiful creature is white and purple, with a white alicorn.  Carolyn named her Belle, and this unicorn came from a magical workshop in the Breyer horse stable. Belle has a special stall in Carolyn's barn,  and while this sweet unicorn gets along beautifully with the other horses, some worry they’ll get bumped by her very sharp alicorn!

Carolyn & her Breyer Unicorn, Belle
Carolyn & her unicorn Star Lily

Carolyn also has another unicorn who always steals the show when she appears.  This one is named Star Lily, and has wings, gorgeous big eyes with long lashes, a rainbow colored mane, and an alicorn that lights up.

Just see what Star Lily can do! Lights, Camera, Action!

Bitty reports that Itty keeps rubbing the top of his head to see if he has a bump growing that just might be a magical alicorn. Itty says he’s golden (well...really, palomino), so he thinks he just might be part unicorn. Bitty rolls in laughter, reminding him that they are NOT unicorns, but horses-- miniature horses-- and NOT UNICORNS.

But, Itty and Bitty are magical in their own way, and we all need a little magic in our lives!

Nancy (with Itty on right and Bitty)

(with Itty on right and Bitty)


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