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A Lamb, Unicorns, and "Little Learners"

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Micro and his suitcase

Itty and Bitty’s new friend, Micro, went on his first outing with Nancy to the Greenwich Free Library in Greenwich, NY. They were invited to join in on “Unicorn Day,” in order to teach young readers the letter “U.”

The main librarian, Annie Miller, and children’s program director, Betsy Brander, gave them a wonderful welcome, along with the children and parents at the library.

One little fella who came along for the morning was Lambie, a sweet and curious lamb, who witnessed the entire event. This is his version of “Unicorn Day” at the library.


Unicorns and Little Learners

Lambie went to the library
To see a unicorn,
But he didn’t know they were magical
And required an enchanted horn,

And a very special necklace,
That the children had to shape,
From paper, glue, and glitter,
And finger paints and tape.

Then Unicorns were EVERYWHERE!
The children were transformed.
Even Micro, the visiting mini-horse,
Was magically “unicorned”.

Lambie grew tired of watching,
And gradually feel asleep.
And guess what he dreamed of at nap time?
A field full of unicorn sheep!


While Lambie slept, the children finished up their “Unicorn Day.” Here are some FACTS ABOUT UNICORNS:

  • a unicorn is a mythical creature, which looks like a horse with a single horn projecting from its forehead
  • a unicorn is can be any color, but is usually white
  • the origin of the word Unicorn comes from Latin, “uni” meaning “one” and “cornu” meaning “horn”
  • the horn is sometimes called an “alicorn”
  • legends claim that the horn comes from the tusk of a narwhal- a kind of toothed whale, and has magical properties, usually related to healing and love
  • unicorns can only be tamed by young maidens
  • unicorns are symbols of peace and purity
  • unicorns cannot fly, but PEGACORNS can!
  • a pegacorn is a combination of a unicorn and the mythical flying horse, Pegasus. (Itty and Bitty love Pegasus. See the name of the cruise ship in Book 3 of their series, and also take a peek at the ice sculpture at the ship’s midnight buffet!
Itty and a Unicorn

"Unicorn Day" was a grand time at the Greenwich Free Library!


Nancy (with Itty on right and Bitty)

(with Itty on right and Bitty)


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