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Welcome to our very own blog! Itty and I have lots to tell you about ourselves (and photos to share). Nancy told us we could have our own place in this new website, so be sure to check in for all our latest news.


Now, for introductions: I’m Bitty, and Itty is my best friend. We are miniature horses, (not ponies!). And we live in Argyle, Texas, a small town outside Dallas.

First, let me tell you about our names. On our birth certificates (called “papers” in horse lingo), my real name is “Knutson Corkus Abbendigo”,and Itty’s is “Rocking M 3TS City Lights.” Yikes! When our owner, Johnnie, found us, she decided to call us Itty and Bitty, to match our size. Itty is a tiny bit bigger than I am, but I don’t mind. I can run faster!

I can hardly pronounce my formal name. But one thing’s for sure -- I’m a “corker,” the one who gets into the most mischief and stirs up trouble on the farm. Some say I’m messy, but I like to say I’m easy going. Just don’t try to brush me or give me a bath. I’ll run away!

Itty was a show mini for a few years, and he loves being groomed. His big name really sort of fits, because he is a “City Lights” sort of guy -- fancy and fussy. And he really does use hair products that you see in our first book -- hair conditioners, coat brighteners, hoof polish, and all that stuff. Yck. Not me. I’d rather roll in the pasture and decorate my mane (that’s the hair along my neck) with hay and grass. All natural!

Bye for now,
(or, as Itty would say),




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