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Itty and Bitty as Santa's Mini Helpers

Santa's little helpers are not all tiny elves.
Two of his best workers are Itty and Bitty themselves.

If a chimney is blocked or the sleigh's running late,
Santa calls on the minis. They're right at the gate.

They don Christmas hats, grab a flashlight and map,
Jump aboard the barn scooter, and dash off with a snap.

With Christmas Eve's deadline, they're "off to the races,"
And with no shoes or antlers, they sneak into small spaces.

They leave little gifts in the smallest of spaces--
In slippers, and socks, under kids' pillowcases.

And though they can't fly, like the North Pole reindeer,
They trot into hospitals and spread mini cheer:

They poke at the sheets until little toes wiggle,
Tickle the children, read poems 'til they giggle.

There are smiles and laughter where ever they go.
Their silliness makes little children's cheeks glow.

So think of the minis when you wish for surprises--
Some of life's grandest gifts come in miniature sizes.

Nancy (with Itty on right and Bitty)

(with Itty on right and Bitty)


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