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Finally, it's my turn to write a blog! Yeah!

IttyMy idea of a good hair day...

I'd like to start off the New Year with some tips on grooming. These might be read by Bitty as tips for a New Year's Resolution, about being less of a slob. But, he's my buddy, and I like him messy or less messy (he's never neat!). Anyway, he always makes me look good!

Bitty's idea of a good hair day!

Yes, it's true, I like to be curried, brushed, and have my mane and tail combed out. And I do use a lot of hair products that you can see in Book One of our series.

Nancy washing Itty

Unlike Bitty, who runs away from the sight of a brush, and always manages to have hay in his hair, I will stand for a hour to get every hair just right--especially if a photographer is nearby.

Bitty running away
Bitty with messy hair

Horses, big and small, have many products to make their hair and coats glossy and shiny. Like people, we have conditioners and sprays to untangle our hair -- in our case, our thick manes and tails. My favorite shampoo is minty green, and I have an avocado spray that can polish up my coat for a last minute photo shoot!

When I really feel like strutting my stuff, I also have a special blue shampoo that makes all the white parts of my legs and spots gleam! Horse people use the term "chrome" to describe all the white markings that highlight their horse's body. And just like folks like to shine the chrome on their cars, my owner likes to make my chrome dazzle! To top it off, (or bottom -- hee hee), I have my hooves polished with hoof oil. It makes my hooves shine, and shows off my fancy footwork when I trot out to meet my fans.

One thing's for sure, people love to touch my hair. I don't mind. After all, it's hard to resist. I am a dandy fellow.

People touching Itty's clean hair





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