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Rub-a-Dub-Scrub: Itty Style

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Well, in my last blog, I got enough requests for exactly which products I use to create my dazzling looks, so here goes:


My favorite shampoo, Espree, smells great, and it's my favorite color-- green. Like grass! You can see what a big bottle I have to keep on hand since I love to be bathed, frequently!

Since my mane and tail are thick and tangle easily, I use a conditioner. And being from Texas, I use Cowboy Magic! No wonder my mane is so soft and fluffy. I love this stuff! My owner just squeezes a lot of this onto my mane and tail and combs it in, probably like your Mom and Dad might do after washing your hair.

On special occasions, (like a visit to Barnes & Noble), we use a whitening shampoo called White 'N Bright on my white spots and leg stockings. Boy, does this make my chrome shine!

Itty's favorite shampoo - Espree
Cowboy Magic
White n Brite

Itty with his shiny chrome


Below you'll see my yellow sponge (you could wash a car with it!) and my mint green face scrubber. It's so soft it won't hurt my face, and you can slip your hand into it like a mitt. Since my face is very bony and hard for me to scratch myself, this is my favorite "mini-facial" scrubber. To the right, you'll see my little blue plastic curry. When I'm soapy and wet, this tool lets my owner run the hose over me and rub at the same time, to make sure all the soap gets rinsed out of my coat. Ahhhh....I love to be pampered.

Yellow sponge and green face scrubber
Blue plastic curry

Finally, here's my comb. I bet it looks a lot like yours. This one has big teeth so it won't pull out too many hairs of my beautiful mane and tail.


Once I'm dry, (sun-kissed is best), I get curried--that means rubbed all over-- with those black and orange, round and oval rubber tools. It feels great! I call it my "mini-massage." It also bring up the oils in my coat to make me extra shiny! Those smaller colorful curry combs are used to gently rub my face. For the final touches, I have a set of brushes--big ones for my back, neck, and sides, and smaller, softer ones for my face and tummy. Sometimes it tickles, so BE CAREFUL!

Round and oval curry combs
Back of curry combs
Curry combs used for face

For the finishing touch, I am sprayed all over with SHOW SHEEN, a hair polish that makes me shine like a new penny. Voila! I'm a Dapper Dan!

Itty all cleaned up





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