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This poem is dedicated to the folks who have sent in numerous photos of their minis to our FRIENDS page. One family in particular seems to collect these little charmers!


A mini is like a potato chip--
You cannot have just one.
They need a pal for companionship,
And then it's twice the fun.

So you get two more,
And again you double.
Then suddenly,
You're in mini-trouble!

But you need one to drive,
And a Pinto for halter,*
A buckskin* who'll jump
And never falter.

They're addictive, adorable,
How can you resist:
There's a beautiful bay*--
Well...if you insist.

The count goes up,
More names on the list,
'Til your CPA hollers:
"Whoa! cease and desist!"

So give one to your sister,
Your uncle, your cousin,
Until you get down
To a baker's dozen.

Thirteen horses!?
That's not absurd.
In mini-parlance,
That's a little herd.

by Nancy K. Carpenter




  • * halter - a class in a horse show where a horse is led into the ring rather than being ridden, and is shown off for various traits, like its confirmation, color, way of moving, manners, etc.
  • * bay - a brown horse with a black mane and tail
  • * buckskin - a horse with a light tan coat (yellowish-dun) with a black mane and tail


You need one to driveYou need one to drive
Admiring Mary Gwinner's mini RangerAdmiring Mary Gwinner's mini Ranger
A pinto mini and a big pal!A pinto mini and a big pal!
They're adorable...They're adorable...
A mini trioA mini trio
And one who can jump!And one who can jump!
Give one to your granddaughter...Give one to your granddaughter...
Can you resist?Can you resist?
Twice the fun!Twice the fun!

Nancy (with Itty on right and Bitty)

(with Itty on right and Bitty)


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