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Nancy has been invited to the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair for her 4th visit as guest author, thanks to us of course. This time she'll be showing off our new coloring book, and selling books from our series, Itty & Bitty: Two Miniature Horses. That's us, below, the dynamic duo who inspire so many of Nancy's poems.

Itty & Bitty

Nancy is hoping to make new friends and watch all the great riders who compete in the famous Dixon Oval. Many famous equestrians come to strut their stuff here. They even have to qualify to enter the show! Nancy also hopes to see the Clydesdales. She thinks it's fun that we, miniature horses, were bred from the Shetland Ponies in Scotland, and the huge Clydesdales were bred in Scotland too. What a small world.

Clydesdales Bitty and a Clydsdalle

Bitty is hoping that Nancy will bring him some cotton candy that he had on the Merry-Go-Round, as you can see in Book 3. He lives to eat!


Bitty eating cotton candy on the Carousel

I, of course, dandy fellow that I am, hope she can spot that lovely Pinto mini I saw in the Lead Line Class. Whoa, what a cutie.

pintoItty watching the pinto

We sure hope you can come out and watch the show. It's the oldest and one of the most famous horse shows in the country. Nancy would love to meet you. Tally-ho!




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