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"The Itty & Bitty series combines my love of horses (all sizes) and poetry. As a child, I was read to every night -- Dr. Seuss, Ogden Nash, Robert Frost, Robert Louis Stevenson, A. A. Milne. These verses have been singing in my ears all my life, and the delight of their sounds and images has shaped my writing. I also love the wordplay of poetry, and hope that through my mini verses, children will come to love poetry, language, and the sheer joy of reading."

~ Nancy K. Carpenter, Itty & Bitty Book Series Author

Bitty alone on the dockBitty alone on the dock

Itty in a stand of treesItty in a stand of trees

Itty and BittyItty and Bitty with Domino

Itty in a stand of treesNancy reading to Itty and Bitty

About Itty & Bitty

Welcome to the world of Itty and Bitty, and to the two mischievous miniature horses who have become characters in Nancy K. Carpenter’s book series. Their antics on a farm in the small town of Argyle, Texas, have grown into a three book series, and with that, more adventures and travels to new and exciting places. Their latest trip takes them, in a coloring book, to America’s famous state and national parks.

“Whatever I can think up, and Rose can draw, Itty and Bitty can do!” That’s my standard answer when folks ask how I come up with my ideas for the zany antics of this unlikely pair -- Itty, the fussy, former show mini, and Bitty, his crooked-legged, messy pal.

It was a fortuitous day when I first met the little mini pets of my friend, Johnnie Martin-Carey. Their delightful personalities just begged to be written into mini-verses, and what fun for me -- I wound up writing poetry, messing around with horses, and eventually, teaching about all this to students in schools around the country.

I’ve been writing silly verses for friends and family for years, but when I met this dynamic little duo, I knew I’d found something special. I’d literally park my car in the road by Johnnie’s beautiful stable, Steele Away Farm, and watch these two minis rule the roost, not only with Domino, the farm’s prize winning Pinto stallion, but with all the animals on the farm -- other big horses, several dogs, cats, and any people who stopped by to visit. First to the fence for a treat, pet on the neck, or kiss, would be Itty, with Bitty following a few steps behind. Despite his bravado, Bitty can be shy.

The first poem of the entire series came to me one day when I saw a photo of Bitty, standing alone on the dock in Johnnie’s pasture, taken by a good friend, Cathy Strong. Alongside it was a photo of Itty, in a stand of trees, hiding from the searing Texas sun.

Bitty is brave.
He stands on the dock.

Itty needs shade
and a 40 sunblock.

And that was the beginning!

The silly ditties just kept coming. I first thought to give them to Johnnie as a gift, but someone challenged me to try to get them published into a book, and Book One was on its way! I first met Itty and Bitty as yearlings, and now they are in their late teens, but since minis can live well into their 40’s, they have many more years to inspire me and delight children who read about them or have actually met them at hospitals, schools, book signings, and charity events. They even appeared on T.V. in Dallas, after a visit to a famous Children’s Hospital there.

Read more about us, and keep up with our latest news on our Itty & Bitty Blog. Tally-ho!


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