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“This is one book series that you definitely want to share with a child of your heart. It is always upbeat, colorful and just enjoyable from the first page to the last. Never a disappointment. These two little guys don’t know the meaning of just grazing and doing no more. Oh no!  They have places to go and people to see, and you get to share in all their antics. What fun. I highly, highly recommend this book and the ones before,  Itty & Bitty: Two Miniature Horses and Itty & Bitty: Friends on the Farm.  Anytime our author writes a new one, I will be the first in line to enjoy the read, and share it with every child I can find. Exceptional!”

Shirley Johnson
Senior Reviewer for The Midwest Book Review  for Book Three - On the Road and the entire book series

“It’s been a long time since I was a child; so when I received Itty & Bitty: Friends on the Farm, I promptly turned to my grandchildren.  They sat enthralled by the book. My little five-year old granddaughter loved the pictures; my nine-year old grandson fell in love with Itty & Bitty.”

Alice Klein
Reviewer for about  Itty & Bitty: Friends on the Farm

“...this is one delightful book that will warm the heart of child and adult. In this fun-filled read we meet Itty and Bitty, two miniature horses and we are taken along as they gallop through their day with their friends at Steele Away Farm."

The Midwest Book Review about Itty & Bitty: Friends on the Farm

"Itty and Bitty are cool."

A first grade student at the Community Charter School in Buffalo, NY

"Got a horse loving kid in your life?  You won’t go wrong with this cute little book. Author Nancy Carpenter Czerw has written rhymes that tiny tots will love, and the pictures by illustrator Dana Bauer will keep them paging through the book again and again. Pick up a copy of this book for your little buckaroo.”

Terri Schlichenmeyer
The Animal Companion about Book one - Itty & Bitty: Two Miniature Horses


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